Igor. Software Engineer / Full-stack Web Developer living in Oporto, Portugal.



In Development

CodeSlabs is a platform that will help you get the code you need through interactive code generators.


In Development

DailyDev.io is a place where I share my own experiences, tips and advices as a Software Engineer/Developer to aid or inspire those who have a strong passion for the craft.


In Development

This project aims to enable every animal shelter to have a facilitated online presence, hopefully leading to more pet adoptions.

Distributed Blackjack


A cross-platform distributed multiplayer BlackJack tables casino. Users are able to join existing tables, or to create new tables. Once the game is started, the dealer deals the cards and, in turns, the players take their actions.



Project developed for the conclusion of my Masters. This contribution consisted in improving a pre-existing 3D visualization tool used in the RoboCup international cientific initiative, providing a more realistic and analytic tool.

PC Auctions


For the Database and Web Applications Laboratory, my team and I developed an information system with a web interface for an online auctions platform where users could add items for bidding and place bids on other users auctions.

Hi, I'm Igor. A Software Engineer / Full-stack Developer with a large passion for the web and all things tech related.

At the moment, I'm working at the center of the beautiful Oporto city as a full-stack developer consultant aiding in the development and maintenance of services used worldwide.

Outside of work I usually stay very connected to my laptop and continue developing, but this time on my personal or shared projects. I like to share my experiences and knowledge online to help anyone that comes across it, I love my dogs (and their entire species for that matter) and I like to stay healthy (bicycle + gym).

I've recently started a YouTube channel to share knowledge and create coding tutorials. I also stream on my Twitch channel to engage with viewers and learn at the same time as I teach.

Feel free to get in touch by any means of communication.

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